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What is Transair?

Photo of a man installing Transair aluminum pipe overhead.

Transair is a complete system of fittings and aluminum pipe for compressed air, vacuum, and technical gases, designed to save you time and money in both installation and operation costs. Transair systems have many advantages over traditional compressed air piping choices:

Corrosion Resistance (Keep your pipes clean!)

Side-by-side comparison of corroded pipe and corrosion-resistant Transair aluminum pipe.

Transair pipes are made from extruded aluminum, providing a sturdy, lightweight alternative to iron, steel, copper, and plastic. Most importantly for your bottom line, however, is the combination of the smooth bore interior and the natural corrosion resistance of aluminum. Unlike iron, steel, and copper, which can slow down your airflow through pitting and buildup over time, Transair aluminum pipes will retain their pristine interior and keep your air flowing smoothly, reducing the costs associated with strain on your system. While plastic piping may be similarly resistant to corrosion, its brittle nature can prove dangerous - and even deadly - to your personnel if ruptured by an accidental impact, and OSHA has regulated against its use for compressed air in many states. Because of its strength and corrosion resistance, aluminum is the best material choice.

Easy Installation (Do it yourself!)

Picture showing an installer using a drilling jig and drill bit to prepare Transair aluminum pipe for installation.

With patented push-to-connect composite fittings for smaller pipe diameters (and similarly simple couplings for larger pipe diameters), Transair is the easiest piping system to assemble and modify (watch this video comparing a Transair installation to the same configuration in copper and carbon steel). Installing a Transair system requires a simple set of hand tools to measure, cut, clean, and join pipe, with no soldering or welding of any joints whatsoever. The lightweight pipes are easy to lift and position into place, and the rapid assembly of the fittings saves time and effort. Mitigate downtime and installation labor costs by doing the Transair installation or upgrade yourself. Take a look at our installation guides to see just how easy it is to upgrade to Transair.

Modular Design (Reduce, reuse, recycle!)

Computer-generated image showing an overview of an example Transair installation in a typical shop floor environment.

Investment in a Transair system pays off higher dividends in the end, thanks to the modular nature of the pipe and fittings. Because the fittings operate on a purely mechanical sealing basis, Transair pipe and fittings are as easy to disassemble as they are to assemble - and every part is reusable. This makes expanding or reconfiguring an existing system just as easy as the first installation, since the same tools and techniques are required. Check out our installation guides to see how the modular pipe and fittings interact with one another.

Simply put, a Transair aluminum piping system for your compressed air, vacuum, or technical gas will provide the best return on your investment over other materials.

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